Fat Dissolving Injections

Fat dissolving injections are recent invention designed to get rid of obesity. They work by permanently removing unwanted fat cells in targeted areas. This means that you can get rid of stubborn fat pads (Muffin Top, Love Handles, Tummy, Hips, Thighs, Upper Arm, Neck, Breast). It de stabilize the fat cells and removes fats via lymphatic drainage. Results can be visible after completion of first session. There are no side affects so far. These injection should be taken under supervision of professional doctor properly trained for this procedure. In case of improper dosage they can harm kidney, liver and other organs.

The kybella treament is specially designed for fat desolation of double chin jawline neck and face sculpting, it helps to remove stubborn fat pads around face and neck area. The dosage has to be specified by professional doctor. This procedure must be taken in an aesthetic sitting under qualified professional as face and surrounding areas are highly complex.

Fat Dissolving Injections:

These injections are made from Deoxycholic acid solutions.This acid naturally occurs in the human body, produced by the liver.

It is used to destroy the fat cells of the human body.


This acid is used in the higher concentration, so that it can be injected in the specific area of the body where fat cells need to be destroyed. E.g double chin, neck, face, and body wherever it’s needed.

For how long these injections last?

These injections last for 2-4 years. But it can stay longer, if you maintain your lifestyle, eat a healthy diet, and do exercise daily.

How many sessions do you need for fat dissolving injections?

Well it depends on the size of the area to be treated for fat dissolving. But for the best results, you need between two to eight treatments.

Why these injections are used?

These injections are used to give you slimmer, and contoured body shape. The results may stay longer, if you eat healthy and do exercise daily.

Types of Fat dissolving injections:

There are different types of fat dissolving injections; two of the most famous brands are:

  • Aqualyx (modified compound)
  • Kybella (synthetic form)

Both are made of Deoxycholic acid solution.

What is Aqualyx?

Aqualyx is a type of fat dissolving injection, which is made of deoxycholic acid solution (modified compound). This solution is also known as motolese’s solution, which is named after the professor who discovered this drug. The acid present in aqualyx used to destroy fat cells in the body. Many plastic surgeons use these injections for body contouring.


It is a non surgical procedure, in which a plastic surgeon will give a local anesthesia to the patient on the area to be treated for aqualyx injections. After the area becomes numb, the surgeon will inject the solution on the desired area. This procedure will liquefy the fat cells and destroy them permanently. Now, the liquefied fat cells will be eliminated through lymphatic (body’s sewerage system) system naturally.

For which body areas these injections are used?

The aqualyx injections are used for double chin, hips, waist, knees, jowls, armpits, upper arms, buttocks, inner thighs, chest, and back folds.

These injections are not used for weight loss because they only treat smaller area of fat deposits such as knees, inner thighs, armpits etc.

These injections are not used for larger fat reduction.

For how long do these injections last?

If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, and do exercise daily, the results will be as good as permanent.

How many sessions do you need?

It depends upon the size of the area to be treated. Generally it Takes 2-3 treatments for smaller area (e.g double chin), and for larger area (e.g thighs, waist) it takes 2-6 treatments. There will be a weekly time space between the sessions.

Is aqualyx used for belly fat?

These injections can be used on the front of the stomach, saddle bags which are more common in women, and around the hips.

Do aqualyx injections leave a saggy skin?

AQUALYX typically causes some contraction of the skin; you are less likely to develop loose skin around the treated areas.

Does fat come back after aqualyx treatment?

This treatment is the permanent removal of fat cells, so the fat will not come back after removal.

Do you lose weight with aqualyx treatment?

Aqualyx fat dissolving injections are a body sculpting procedure rather than a weight loss treatment. Although it can permanently get rid of pockets of fat that are stubborn, it’s only used to get rid of fat cells in small parts of the body that won’t go away with diet and exercise.

Post treatment instruction for Aqualyx:

For almost 6 hours, avoid touching the area which is treated by aqualyx injection. After 6 hours it can be washed smoothly with soap and water.

Avoid going in an extreme hot temperatures such as hot showering, steam bath, exposure to sun, sun bath etc for almost one week after the treatment.

For how long do the swelling stays after aqualyx?

After the treatment the area become swollen and red, the skin seems like sun burnt because Aqualyx works by triggering an inflammatory response in the fat cells, which can lead to some swelling for three to five days.

Who should not take aqualyx?

The women who are pregnant, and breast feeding should not take aqualyx injections. Although it is not recommended for the people who are suffering from lipodystrophy or having any immune system problem.

Common side effects of Aqualyx injection:

Common side effects include skin irritation, swelling, redness, bruising, and sensitivity in the treated area.

Is bruising normal after aqualyx?

There is always a chance of getting an infection, and there may also be some bruising, pain, and discomfort. The discomfort and pain typically last for about a week before generally subsiding.

For how long does the bruising lasts after aqualyx?

The bruising lasts for almost six weeks after the aqualyx treatment.

What age is suitable for aqualyx?

The patient should be at least 18 years old for any non surgical treatment. People between the ages of 18 – 60 are the best candidate for aqualyx treatment because they have good elasticity in their skin. Otherwise the treatment will leave saggy skin if the patient does not have elasticity in the skin. The doctor prefers older people for the aqualyx treatment.

Is aqualyx used for skin tightening?

Yes, aqualyx injections are used for skin tightening and body contouring.

How long does it take to show the result of aqualyx treatment?

After your initial treatment, you will start noticing reduction in the fat deposits (within few weeks) which were treated by aqualyx injection.

Difference between kybella and aqualyx:

The active ingredient in Kybella is sodium deoxycholate, which breaks down fat cells. This is converted into deoxycholic acid by the body. The body uses this compound, a bile acid, to break the cell membrane of fats and kill them. Aqualyx, a derivative of deoxycholic acid, is a little different from this compound.

Kybella is usually used for double chin area, where as aqualyx used for inner thighs, waist, buttocks, armpits etc

Aqualyx is not appoved by FDA, but kybella is approved by FDA.

Personal Guidance:

Before getting any treatment do the research on the internet in detail. Discuss your case with the doctor, when you are fully satisfied then go for the treatment.