Open pores are a problem for many, as they are visible and make one look unattractive. People often dislike the presence of open pores on their skin especially in the forehead, cheeks, and nose because such pores become more noticeable. Open or enlarged pores can be diagnosed by visual assessment of the skin, especially face. The seriousness of open pores can be determined by pore size, pore density, pore location, and skin area affected by pores.


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Open Pores Treatment

Type: It depends on the type of procedure suitable for your skin type.

Life Span: Long lasting results if cared for properly.
Side Effects: No effects on skin are seen. Treatment is conducted in a clinic.

Pre-Requisite: Walk-in or online video consultation is required.

Tests: No blood tests or hospital admission are required. You don’t need any follow-up with a doctor after treatment.

We provide customized solutions according to your problematic areas.

*The Prices may differ due to selection of procedure & current economic situation of country.